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Foundational Health
Your Foundational needs of nutritional transport to your cells


Join Us to learn Your Foundational needs of nutritional transport to your cells

IMPaX Health

Whole Body Health

Greg Im, Founder - 6:00-6:30pm-

- How IMPaX began - the research behind the products.

- EnerPrime - Immune System support at a cellular level.

- Delta-E - Brain "Energy" by an all Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten FREE scientific natural formulation assisting brain function, mental clarity and focus.

Greg Im, Founder of IMPaX WORLD. Greg's research and business accumen, was able to create a formulation to assist his precious daughter in her health challenges. Little did he know this effort would lead to a world-wide venture spanning 25 years and millions of bottles sold!

Justin Abramson, Ceritfied Holistic Health Coach

6:30 - 7:30pm

- Water Demonstration

- Alkaline Water vs Bottled Water; Distilled Water; Tap Water

Ion Thrive Alkaline Water Ionizer- Why this filtration system compared to other alternatives. Taste, operate and ask questions about the machines used to fill water bottles of our many customers daily! FREE fill-ups* for those attending!

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Justin brings a concentrated expertise on water and holistic healing. His passion brought him to IMPAX as he began using the products for his family health and business. His interest in Alkaline Water for nutrition led him to research most systems used and his choice of Ion Thrive. We challenge you to find someone who knows more about water through independent study!

* 5 Gallon Water Bottle limit

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